Infiniti International LLC

Established in 2010, Infiniti International LLC caters for building owners, contractors and managers who require their properties to be hygienically maintained on an ongoing or one-off basis.

The company has been developed as a trading company specializing in unique products and services relating to the construction industry and has now spread its wings to several activities in response to its clients requests and requirements .


We, at Infiniti, effectively manage projects and integrate various disciplines of activity. Our operations in the region are multi-fold, namely :

  1. Water Proofing & Surface Protection through NANO technology based NanoPhos Chemical coatings.
  2. Thermal Insulation Coating for buildings, warehouses & storage tanks.
  3. Water leak Investigation & Leak Proofng.
  4. Concrete repairing.

Since then, we, at Infiniti International LLC, have expanded our business, providing total hygiene and cleaning solutions
that can be tailored to suit any organiznation’s cleaning requirements .

Outstanding services and quality cleaning is at the forefront of our company philosophy. This is maintained through

  1. Careful staff selection and Recruitment
  2. On-site supervision and management
  3. Regular communication with clients
  4. Immediate response to clients queries
  5. Inspection programmes

Through implemented quality management systems, we are able to continually improve the way we perform, keeping customers centrically a priority.