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What is NanoPhos , how will it help ? All your Frequently asked questions are answered by our experts here.

Support FAQ

How will NanoPhos products behave in Middle East conditions?

NanoPhos products have been proven in aggressive environments viz. extreme winter (Europe & New Zealand) & summer (Sultanante of Oman). It has even withstood the coastal climates.

Will NanoPhos products pose any health hazard to applicators?

Laws pertaining to Health & Safety are the strictest in EU. In Japan NanoPhos products would soon get Green Product Certification.

Will NanoPhos resist Salt spray, Acid rain &, Corrosion ?

SurfaPore protected substrates are resistant to Salt spray, Acid Rain and Corrosion.

Will NanoPhos products prevent Fungus formation?

The water repellency property of NanoPhos products prevents moisture presence and thus reduces the incident of fungus formation to a great extent.

Surfapore W / Wood Cracking & Warping. How does it work?

The formulation consists of three different sizes of nano-particles, specially designed to deeply penetrate into the mass of the wood.

The finest nanoparticles penetrate through the capillaries and bond with the hydroxyl groups of the cellulose content providing long term protection against water ingression.

The larger nanoparticles penetrate at the appropriate depth and react with organic wooden resins.

Finally, the formulation is completed by a nano-emulsion of paraffin that ensures enduring surface protection.

Moisture present in the wood is responsible for cracking and warping. SFW being a water repelling product, prevents water from penetrating inside the wooden substrate. Also, due to its breathability it allows the moisture trapped inside to vaporize thus making the wood moisture free.

Does SurfaPore ThermoDry prevent paint peel off ?

ThermoDry helps reduce water absorption and condensation. Peel off occurs due to humidity, which attacks the paint from the inner layer. Protecting the substrate with SurfaPore C before paint primer is applied, prevents moisture attack from within. ThermoDry mixed paint would repel moisture attack from outside. This helps in preventing paint peel off to an considerable extent.

Will NanoPhos offer extended life compared to conventional protective coatings?

Yes. So long as the substrate is in order and product applied as recommended. Trials on SurfaPore C have been documented to have 9 years life under accelerated testing.

Will using SurfaPore ThermoDry affect paint viscosity?

There is no effect on viscosity by adding ThermoDry. ThermoDry enhances the paint quality by giving the paint thermal & water repelling features. Not recommended for dark colours. Adding SPTD would give a matt finish.

Will NanoPhos products give water repellency & thermal insulation to metals?

SurfaPaint Metals ThermoDry has recently been launched, which is a water based paint for metals. No need for primer for ferrous metals. It can be applied on an existing painted surface as well.