Nano Phos

We have recently acquired the sole distributorship of a prestigous product NanoPhos, from a Greek manufacturing giant NanoPhos SA. NanoPhos is a product that will create revolution in quality and at the same time it bears a simple application method.

NanoPhos products repel water from surfaces, eliminating the greening and mould that grows on surface, where rain and water leaves their marks/stains.

They are easily applicable to horizontal or vertical surfaces, concrete, stone and ceramic floors, walls, and roof tiles, pottery and terracotta, marble and granite,wood etc.

They are suitable for most surfaces and are water based solutions that do not change the natural look of the surface like existing scalers.

Benefits of NanoPhos

  • High Breathability
  • No Film Forming
  • SurfaPore C modifled surface - water evaporates through capillary pressure
  • Swelling, cracking, and warping of material are prevented
  • SurfaPore, modified surfaces remain dry and unchanged
  • Protects and waterproofs surfaces
  • No polymer chains
  • Viscosity is similar to that of water, deeply penetrates into capillaries that no elastomeric or polymer can reach.
  • Instead of sealing pores, nanoparticles "coat them'.
  • Water or other corroding factors are effectively repelled by chemical forces.
  • Long Lasting & UV Resistant - does not induce the "yeIlowing" effect.
  • Water based - Easy Application on surface or mixed in mortar.
  • Environmentally friendly & Cost Effective
  • No change to the original natural appearance